It’s all about me

I am a woman in tech.  I am one of the disproportionately small number of women at my company in a technical role.  This is not an experience (or representation) limited to my company, it is the current state of the industry.  While I may be working for a large tech company, and while it may be easy enough for you to find which one via a quick search, I want to be absolutely clear: THE IDEAS AND OPINIONS POSTED HERE ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE.  THEY DO NOT IN ANY WAY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OR IDEAS OF THE COMPANY THAT EMPLOYS ME.  If you are offended, inspired, upset, elated or driven to action by this blog, it is all my doing.  My company is not a sponsor or a contributor, nor do they endorse what I espouse.  So if you are reading this, be prepared to hear about barriers, boundaries, inspirations and my view of the future of technology, just know that this is all mine and I am solely responsible for the content of this blog.

Thank you for your time and interest.



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