Having been a tools developer for the past 14 years, I see our tools greying as the newest generation of communicators are just entering the scene.  The tools don’t feel native or relevant to their personal creation paradigms. The tools we have now seem to typify McLuhan’s Age of Anxiety.  In other words, they are the tools of yesterday’s work.  It is a struggle to use them to create the stories of today, taking advantage of the rich fabric of media available for transmedia communications.  But how can you create tools for new voices when you are part of the old school?  I don’t believe you can.  In order to achieve my goals, I need to immerse myself in the new discussion in communications and cast myself once again as a storyteller to better understand the specific technical and structural challenges of storytelling in the new world.  I need to adjust the optics through which I create tools to focus not on the traditional methods and audiences, but to reimagine the possibilities when new creators approach the work with no historical restrictions or biases.


On a less technical level, I seek to serve an underserved audience in tools development.  In recent history, women have been mistreated by traditional storytelling media.  I believe the lack of accurate and fair representation has a detrimental impact. It is difficult for young women to become what they don’t see represented in the media and the current representations of women are skewed and limiting.  I believe young women have the power to change this if they are given the opportunity and vision.  I hope to inspire confidence in their ability and improve access to new tools to help amplify their own stories.  In focusing on new tools for new audiences, I hope to help make their experience with the media less exclusionary than the generations before them, to allow them to bust the stereotypes that are commonly presented by changing the origin of the dominant voices.

My goal is simple. As an innovator in story telling tools, I seek to enable more voices to enter the conversation via better, more accessible means to create enriched transmedia stories.  .

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