And now for something completely different

Being a storyteller at heart, I was deeply inspired by Brent Friedman’s presentation on transmedia storytelling.  As I listened to him explain the complexity of the work he creates, the vast number of moving parts and the dependencies and interconnections between these pieces in order to create a cohesive whole, I kept thinking there must be great tools available to help assist this process.  But there aren’t.  In speaking with Brent both in class and via email, I discovered a gaping hole in the tools provided for this more woven approach to production.  Based on Brent’s experience and the video interview with Bernie Su about his Emmy winning production of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” I started to brainstorm approaches to assist in these engaged stories.

Since this class I have been digging into the problems, opportunities and possible solutions in creating a new workflow for transmedia storytellers.  Given the inevitability of the “death” of traditional linear television programming, I think there is a huge opportunity to shape and democratize the development and archive of more flexible, engaging and adaptive storytelling model.  In my “terms of engagement” I focused on my desire to help spread better storytelling tools for the next generation of storytellers.  I assumed I would slowly collect perspectives and theories over the course of many classes, quarters, possibly years.  Instead I find myself working feverishly on this project with a renewed level of inspiration and purpose at work.  I’m striving to start transforming the future of storytelling immediately, no longer satisfied to be sitting in an observer’s seat.  If this is what one class can do, I’m a little worried how I’ll harness the innovation generated by the rest of the program.  But honestly, it’s a good kind of worried.

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