Beyond one screen, one interaction

Viewers no longer focus on a single program without distractions.  Our ability to view content when and where we want seems to be shaping  a culture of continuous media consumption.  Technology allows us to have multiple simultaneous media access points all working at the same time, and smart story tellers are finding ways to weave these interactions together to build richer stories.

With the growth of the variety of outlets for storytelling, we no longer have to create content that begins and end in video.  We can take advantage of the complex networks of social media allowing characters to live beyond the story playing out on your tv or web video.  This invites viewers deeper into the world created on the screen, driving engagement in a way not previously possible, allowing the audience to move beyond viewership into full participation.

And yet, while the appreciation of increased audience engagement  through these rich stories is accellerating, the tools to facilitate the planning and archive of these experiences are still not well developed.  In order to fully benefit from a transmedia story currently, you must be involved as it unfolds. We are still unable to archive Twitter exchanges in sync with Facebook updates ,Pintrest boards, Tumblr pages  set to unfold as your video is being presented in segments over time.

Additionally the plotting of this new fabric of additional writing and production spanning all of the outlets any storyteller has chosen to involve is still largely done via spreadsheets or in proprietary systems out of the reach of  smaller-scale productions.  Better tools to facilitate this type of woven story telling will help push this direction broader at an accelerated rate by inviting more communicators into the fold instead of asking each new player to blaze their own trails.  The ability to successfully archive these stories with some respect of the full viewer interaction experience in place will also increase the return on production costs by allowing an afterlife better encapsulating the full experience of round the clock story development.